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Camelwatch is an open source project that provides a fully featured web console for the Apache Camel project. Camelwatch can monitor any remote camel instance by using the JMX hooks that camel provides.


  • Browsable context, endpoints, consumers, producers, routes, error handlers.
  • Viewable statistics on each of the above beans
  • Deploy as WAR in an existing tomcat, or incorporate into your own deployable as a set of spring beans
  • Accesses any camel instance remotely using JMX


Installation is extremely simple. Download the latest war and deploy into any running tomcat container. After tomcat deploys the application edit the //WEB-INF/classes/ file. Replace the jmx.endpoint property with the URL of the JMX endpoint for the camel instance you want to monitor. Restart tomcat and then browse to / and you should be good to go.


Camelwatch includes a set of REST services. These are accessible at the following URLs, where contextPath should be replaced with your deployed app name (usually camelwatch)

  • /contextPath/rest/consumer
  • /contextPath/rest/consumer/{consumerName}
  • /contextPath/rest/context
  • /contextPath/rest/context/{contextName}
  • /contextPath/rest/endpoint
  • /contextPath/rest/endpoint/{endpointName}
  • /contextPath/rest/route
  • /contextPath/rest/route/{routeName}
  • /contextPath/rest/errorHandler
  • /contextPath/rest/errorHandler/{errorHandlerName}
  • /contextPath/rest/processor
  • /contextPath/rest/processor/{processorName}


  • Add ability to upload a message for processing through a route
  • Add tracing outputs
  • Graph visualizations of camel routes
  • Speed optimisations
  • Thread pool views
  • Service bean views
  • Configure routes at runtime (like the camel web console)
  • More... please add issues to the issue tracker