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There are a couple of ways to create a completely empty image.

The first is with the create static method on ImmutableImage. This allows us to specify the width, height and optionally the AWT image type (eg 4 byte ARGB).

For example,

// defaults to TYPE_INT_ARGB
ImmutableImage.create(400, 300)

// specifying the image type
ImmutableImage.create(400, 300, BufferedImage.TYPE_4BYTE_ABGR)

Another way to create an image, is to call blank on an existing image. This will return a new image with the same type and size and an uninitialized raster.


Finally, copy allows us to copy an existing image, with each pixel copied. This function allows us to specify the type of the copy as well.

// copy with the data duplicated

// copy with the data duplicated, and the raster using the specified type