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Quick start

Including Scrimage in your project

Scrimage is available on maven central. There are several modules.

One is the scrimage-core library which is required. The others are scrimage-filters, scrimage-formats-extra, scrimage-webp. And if you're using Scala you can also add scrimage-scala_2.12 or scrimage-scala_2.13 for enhanced scala functions.

They are split into several modules because the image filters is a large jar, and most people just want the basic resize/scale/load/save functionality.

Thescrimage-formats-extra package brings in readers/writers for less common formats such as BMP, Tiff or PCX. These formats are wrappers around the TwelveMonkeys library.

libraryDependencies += "com.sksamuel.scrimage" % "scrimage-core" % "$version"
libraryDependencies += "com.sksamuel.scrimage" %% "scrimage-scala" % "$version"

Scala Helpers

If you are using Scala and you have added the scala module, then add the import import com.sksamuel.scrimage.implicits._ to bring into scope some useful implicits.

Firstly, an implicit PNGWriter so you do not have to specify it when outputting images. Secondly, a conversion to / from java.awt.Color and Scrimage's RGBColor. Lastly, forall, foreach and map methods on ImmutableImage which work with Scala functions.