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Scales an image to be as large as possible to fit into the specified dimensions whilst maintaining aspect ratio. This operation will not pad the image to ensure it matches the dimensions exactly.

For example, starting with an image that is 300x200 and invoking max(420,300) will result in an image that is 420x280, because that is as large as the image can be without exceeding the required dimensions.

Similarly, starting with 600x400 and invoking max(400,100) will result in an image that is 150x100.

The difference between max and fit, is that fit will pad out the canvas to the specified dimensions, whereas max will not. In other words, max and fit will scale the image equally, but fit will pad the canvas with a background color so that it precisely matches the input dimensions.


Using this image scaled to 640 x 360 as our input:

source image

Code Output
image.max(400, 300) image
image.max(300, 300) image
image.max(200, 400) image